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so as hard as it is for me to believe, my summer is pretty much over. in less than 3 days I will be back at LMU doing RA training stuff and getting ready for another year at school. (btw sorry I havent blogged in forever, ive been really busy haha).

I hate to say it, but I’m actually pretty excited for school to start again. I don’t know what the difference is this summer compared to last summer, or any other summer in my life so far. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to going back to school so much. maybe its this temporary feeling of motivation ( i dont know).

but Today is my OFFICIAL last day at work and it was very fun while it lasted. I met alot of great people, learned a good amount of things about the music business, and really enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you to everybody who played part in my experience.

i couldn’t find new stuff on youtube, so i thought id throw it back and share a G LOVE video with you guys. always been a big fan. hope you guys enjoy it.


it is friday and almost the weekend. (btw i dont know whats up with wordpress, my times are all off and it makes it seem like im writing posts alot later? earlier? than i actually do) its cool. so earlier this morning i was listening to Ryan’s Roses on KIIS and thought to myself, am i the only one that thinks this shows is fucked up? I mean i understand that theyre trying to find cheaters, but to allow people to come on the radio where thousands and thousands of people are listening in doesn’t seem like the most constructive or most effective way to handle personal matters. i don’t know, the show is pretty entertaining i guess, but i feel bad for the people that actually use the show as a way to handle relationship matters.

seems to me KIIS has been my source of inspiration for today cause I heard this song on the radio by this artist named Jessie James (Universal/Mercury Records new artists) I really like one of her songs, but then i heard this other song which i thought was straight garbage. check it out. i don’t understand how one artist can go so right in one song andthen rebound that with a horrible horrible song overall (IMO-in my opinion).



“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ”         1 Corinthians 13:4-7

i’m not much of a religious person, but i think that this bible verse really hits me hard…

if i could get this verse down (into practice) i would be the happiest dude in the world.

which got me thinking, i havent listened to Shane & Shane in the longest time. so here it goes.

so i don’t consider myself to be a religious person. but  i definitely believe in a God and some master creator that rules us all. kinda random huh? i don’t know ive been thinking a lot lately about the concepts of friendship and relationships and how often times these bonds between people can go so wrong. I’ve had plenty of experiences in my life where “the BEST friendships/relationship in the world” ended up meaning nothing more than hurtful words and shit talking. It’s kinda funny cause i think you see the true character of a person when they are at their worst. For example, when people that are broken up with their significant other do anything they can to spread rumors and bad news about them, just to spite them, when friendships are broken and both parties can’t stop jabbin at each other (physically and verbally). When relationships end badly and one party tries desperately to get back with their ex-partner and in doing so ruins that persons current relationship with a new significant other, when people agree and relay a rumor that they know nothing about, when people tell you how to live your life when they don’t even know you and whats going on.    am i getting too wordy? haha. you know what im saying.

so you may ask, where the fuck is he coming up with such a random topic. HE DONT EVEN MAKE SENSE!

it was funny, I was having lunch with my dad today and we began talking casually about the relationships you build throughout life and how friends come and go etc. And the topic of people talking smack came up. We ended up talking about how people talk smack and don’t even know the real story behind what’s actually going on. After a pretty long conversation about being patient, turning the other cheek, and being the bigger man, my dad proposed this question, “what is truth?” and i thought about it…

i really couldn’t find an answer, what the FUCK is truth? is truth subjective? objective? scientifically proven with numbers?

and then it hit me, for me (personally) truth is in the ultimate creator of this world. because truth among humans is SO subjective and exposed to drastic change. truth is nothing but faith, in a higher power. (i know i sound preachy haha)

i dont know exactly where im going with this post, i feel like i regurgitated a bunch of shit that i talked about with my dad, but if so let it be.

so what do i have to say to people that talk shit and don’t know shit?: nothing, absolutely nothing, becuase theyre just digging themselves into a bigass hole called loneliness and anonymity. they can just keep on hatin while i laugh my way to the top.

gnight everybody.

video of the day: im not a fan of lady gaga, but i cant get this song outta my head

the dodgers have been struggling as of late, but yesterdays 9-1 victory over the Braves was relieving to see. gotta get that offense going. not too much happened today. hit up target (with my mom) got some stuff for the apartment and went to macy’s later (with my girl) to pick up some pots, pans, etc.  got some MAD discounts cause jamie works for macy’s. nothing special besides that today.

royce da 5 9 “shake this”

good song. gnight yall

what a hot f&!@ckin day. jesus…

quote of the day: be merciful when you have the power, humble when you win, and considerate when you have….then you will be a winner.

on a side note. keri hilson is crazy. the qualitys kinda bad but check out this video.  keris version of soulja boys song. SICKKKK

i know its kinda random, but as ONE of millions of asian americans that live in the US today, I felt a need to blog about the lack of asian representation in the entertainment industry. I don’t know where it stemmed from but this “american” cultural belief that asians are less attractive, lack marketing appeal, and won’t “sell”. Yea sure theres that occasional asian that got their shot, but it seems like the ones that are given a chance are always put in stereotypical roles (asian math nerd, the wackyass weird asian dude, scary little asian girl, unattractive asian girl etc…) Why can’t there be any asian Brad Pitts? Angelina Jolie? I know plenty of very attractive and what i feel are “marketable” individuals that aren’t even given a chance.

I guess it’s really no use talking about it when the asian american community as a whole isn’t very active in defending it’s position and place in society. I don’t know if culturally asians are more passive or whatever, but it seems as if the African American population is always fighting ( as they should) for their rights? where are all the asians at?

You may be asking why then if i’m blogging and complaining about the lack of respect and exposure the asian americans receive is this post titled “proud to be and asian american” ? I don’t know actually, haha weird huh? I’m proud to say that many of the billionaires, millionaires, entrepeneurs, “successful” people in the world wouldn’t be where they are at without the behind the scenes work of thousands and thousands of asian american immigrants working their asses off. I guess we just fit into the “unsung heroes ” category. I don’t know i feel like i’m talking gibberish.

I’m going to make it a habit to post a video along with my blog everytime. Hopefully you’ll find what i find inspirational and interesting, inspirational and interesting haha.

This hiphop duo goes by the name of Magnetic North.  A really talented duo. Lyrically theyre sick, and are talented as hell. check em out.

hope you guys liked it.

after missing work last week I am now back at Columbia doing intern stuff. I can’t say it’s been the most glamorous or exciting job I’ve ever had, but overall its been a really good experience. Getting to meet new people, finding out more about how the music business works, learning about the politics, and  seeing if this is really where my career path lies. Its only been a couple months in the summer, but i feel like i’ve obtained a better understanding of what I’m supposed to do with my life.

180px-Columbia_Records_Logo Sonymusic

I was watching the food channel yesterday (The Next Food Network Star) to be exact, and I heard this quote that really inspired me to find my calling and live life to the fullest. One of the contestants Melissa said”I want to succeed, but I want to succeed at the right thing, because if I fail doing what i know is right, it really isnt a failure at all” (paraphrase).It’s so true though people always get caught up in trying to succeed that they often forget what they love and what they have a passion for. who cares if you succeed but its at something that you care nothing about? it’s something to definitely think about.

ps: i was watching TV the other day and saw this nike sb commercial. (check out right around 33-35 seconds) PROD and Kobe both blessing the LMU campus. represent.

so as my summer is kinda drawing to a close, i decided to make a blog. for what reason? i dont know haha. but i guess to fuel my inner writer. schools rolling around in less than a month (ra training) and I gotta start getting ready for a big workload. 6 classes, work, internship, RA asldjalskfjlsdkfjdlskfjsdl. but things have been really good.

so i was messing around on youtube the other day (looking for music) and i stumbled on this girl duo from the bay.  good singers. they go by the name of rin on the rox, check it out

they apparently released a single too (getting some radio play up in the bay)